Headshots Amsterdam| Coorporate photography and events

Headshots Amsterdam| Coorporate photography and events


Yoga Photography Teacher

I like to take photos that are unusual and interesting as photos, that capture the eye regardless of the viewers interest in yoga or acroyoga. I use wide lens angles and edge lighting whenever possible to create drama and a sense of place.

A yoga portrait is more than just a picture  It is a living, breathing extension of the pose itself, a tribute to the subject’s indomitable inner spirit and radiant beauty.

This rare sensibility shines through every image, whether shot on the beach or on the streets of a thriving metropolis. Innovation, playfulness and poignant humanity.

Places Amsterdam, Haarlem or Bloemendaal.

I will make the best and beautiful artistic photos of your profession.

Contact me at libiaphotography@gmail.com Tel: 0642340820

Prices start at 200 euro 45 minutes.

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