To book the session & important FAQ

Libia Arteaga

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to pay a Booking fee?
A non refundable 100 euros booking fee will be requested to book your spot, in case of rain we can always reschedule.

What happen if i get sick? we can always reschedule.
What happens if it rains? we can always reschedule, one day before the session i will be looking at the weather, In case of rain we can always reschedule, Sometimes weather is unpredictable and at the moment of the session could be drizzle we will go ahead with the session, if while the session start to rain harder we can always reschedule.

What time do you shoot? from May to September i do recommend sunset sessions at 7 pm sometimes 8 pm (we can have earlier sessions if is requested) &from Oct-February I work at 10 am, Best light of the day.

Can we have raw photos?

I don’t provide raw photos to clients to ensure the integrity of my artistic vision and professional standards. Raw images require post-processing to achieve the final, polished look that reflects my style and expertise. Delivering edited photos allows me to maintain the quality, consistency, and aesthetic coherence of my work, ensuring clients receive the best representation of my skills and creativity. Additionally, providing edited images helps manage the client’s expectations and ensures a cohesive and professional final product.

Can we Bring more people to the session? 2 Grandparents are always welcome to the session, if will be extra family members they are always welcome, will be an extended session package. Look at family package platinum at investment menu.