Lago Maggiore | Lake Maggiore Photographer

Lago Maggiore | Lake Maggiore Photographer, For a decade, I’ve woven love stories into photographs in the vibrant city of Amsterdam. Now, my heart leads me to the breathtaking shores of Lago Maggiore, Italy. This August, for the first time, I’m thrilled to offer couples and families the chance to capture their Italian adventure through my lens.

Having explored the hidden gems and captivating beauty of Lago Maggiore myself on countless visits, I can’t wait to share my insider’s perspective and translate your love story into timeless imagery.

Our Lago Maggiore Love Story: Captured by an Amsterdam Expert

Lago Maggiore | Lake Maggiore Photographer

Capture Amore Under the Italian Sun:

he golden glow of the setting sun paints the crystal-clear waters of Lago Maggiore. Laughter fills the air as you share a stolen kiss with your love, the iconic Borromean Islands a majestic backdrop to your unfolding story. Or picture yourselves, a family united, hand-in-hand on the shores of the lake, the joy of togetherness etched on your faces.Lago Maggiore | Lake Maggiore Photographer

Lago Maggiore Couples & Family Sessions this August

This August, I’m inviting you to create memories that will forever hold the magic of Italy. Join me for a photography session unlike any other, on the shores of the breathtaking Lago Maggiore. Let’s capture the essence of your love story, the genuine connections you share with your family, amidst the timeless beauty of this Italian gem.

These sessions are more than just photographs; they’re a chance to weave a visual tapestry of your love and connection. We’ll explore hidden coves bathed in sunlight, wander through charming villages bursting with character, and find those perfect moments that encapsulate the joy of your time in Italy.

Ready to capture your Lago Maggiore love story? Contact me today to discuss your session!

Lago Maggiore | Lake Maggiore Photographer

Lago Maggiore | Lake Maggiore Photographer

Capture the magic of love on Lake Maggiore with a stunning photography session. Here are 5 of the most beautiful locations that will set the scene for unforgettable photos:

Isola BellaIsola
Botanici di Villa
Madonna del Sasso

Libia Arteaga