Amsterdam couple photographer | Pre wedding, Elopement

This is the time that  more and more couples decide to have a beautiful intimate or elopement romantic wedding!

Because of all the restriccion of the covid19 has last year many people decided they will not wait any longer and  just carry on with their beautiful day.

Not weddings are more personal, close, romantic, full of magic and with the specific people that you really love.

2010 i did more weddings than any other year but this one where different, i will say with a touch of many emotions, maybe because also family where in the other side of the world and they couldn’t come but still life should carry on and we are stronger than a virus.

Amsterdam couple photographer | Pre wedding, Elopement

One of the most astonished weddings that i ever took in my life was in codi time and i can say i had goosebumps the whole sessions, all the moment was just so personal and full of emotions that i totally fell in love of romantic and personal weddings!

Maybe if in another year someone would ever told me they would like to marry only the 2 of them i would think they are a bit crazy but literally was like a cinematic moment! I think that scene will be saved in my heart forever!

As a photographer i can say i love special moments, real situations and nothing else will take your attention! just you and your partner.

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