Amsterdam family photographer – What should i wear?

I do love to work with neutral tones

Your outfit and the colours you will choose for your photo session will be one of the most important things that will enhance your photos!

Remember this photos will be in your life forever and your kids and grandchildren will enjoy this photos, you would love to look perfect with your beautiful family!

I do recommend for for little boys and dad  a formal shirt with soft tones, light Blue, white, beige, dark blue, green.

For mum and daughter! Dresses  skirts and onesies are always the winners!

This year the long skirts and dresses will be the trend! and i always love the look, they look so elegant, classic and timeless!

Where you can get your outfit for the session? for mum and kids i would recommend  ZARA

Next  and only children clothing: L&C KIDS  This is my favorite site! is hand made from my Mother in law! sheck it out.

As you can see all the colors that i recommend are very neutral, i always advice to avoid cartoons, logos or letters, while more simple is your outfit will be more timeless, keep it simple but elegant!


I do love to work with soft and not busy patterns!  I do not recommend to bring shining fluorescent colours they always get to saturated tones on your photos and we want to avoid that!


Amsterdam family photographer – What should i wear?

How to select the perfect combination for you and your family? You can put all your outfits together on your bed and see how do they match with each other! Try to mix them in a way that looks elegant, simple, natural and classic!

Then you are ready for your photo session!

I can’t wait to work with you and your beautiful family!

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