This session in the tulip fields in Keukenhof means a lot to me! I was about to give birth to my second child (a beautiful daughter)  and I took my oldest daughter to the tulips fields in Amsterdam-Lisse to have a portrait of her before becoming a big sister. So for both of us, this was so important moment in our life.  I remember very well the feeling that I had, I didn’t know-how will be to love someone else so much as a love my daughter, in some way the idea made me feel sad. She will not be the only one anymore, for 2 years she was my soul, I was giving everything to her and now I knew it will be different. My kisses will not be only for her, my hugs will not be only for her, my love will not be only for her! So I knew I wanted to save this moment, just her!!! as my only little daughter.

We choose the tulip fields in Amsterdam; it looks like an ocean of colors! When I saw this place for the first time I could not believe my eyes, THIS IS NATURE and the most beautiful place I ever saw in my life! 

This year is a bit different, you can only see the tulip fields If you book a visit to a private farm or a photoshoot. In the last post  I explained all the details of how you can get the best experience ever in the tulip fields. Remember that the season is only a few weeks per year, starting in the middle of April till May. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the tulip fields!

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tulip fields AmsterdamFamily photogrpaher
Amsterdam Tulip fields Photography Keukenhof | 2021