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Best moment for a newborn photoshoot | Amsterdam

Sometimes I get this question and I thought it could be interesting to write about on my blog.

Probably in other blogs or photographers you heard that should be in between 5-10 days after the baby is born but I'm going to explain why I don't mind taking pictures after that too.

The goal for me is to represent your family, who you are, and how you welcome the new member. I put this on top of everything else, the new life with your baby at home.

To get these pictures the only thing I need is that you are relaxed and comfortable, and let's be honest: the first days are a roller coaster and we are learning to get used to the baby's needs. I photographed babies of just a few days, weeks, and also months and I can tell you all the families are happy to choose that moment because is adapted to their journey.

One thing more that I do since I started my career is to take pictures at your place so you feel in your comfort zone too.

Best moment for a newborn photoshoot | Amsterdam

Once that you decided who is the best photographer for your family photos you can book months in advance but keeping a few weeks to get used to the new life. You can see more of my work here or on my instagram