Elopement Photographer Amsterdam |Pre wedding

Elopement Photographer Amsterdam | Pre wedding

Why to take your pre- wedding or romantic photos in Amsterdam? The capital of Holland is a historic and lovely city with its numerous canals, bicycles and typical Dutch buildings. Every street has its own unique character. Is my passion as a photographer to bring you to the most beautiful places of this wonderful city.

Many tourists know how to find the Brouwersgracht, Keizergracht and the Prinsengracht. But it’s an art to find the best spots that will make you radiant and shine with happiness. Is my passion to find the perfect settings that matches your unique character.

I love to make you feel comfortable so that in the photography you’ll see your soul shine through. When you and your lover are both feeling relaxed and enjoying the wonders of Amsterdam, it’s for me a piece of a cake to capture the magical moments and the chemistry between the two of you.

Once a client told me: “During the session I felt again butterflies for my husband!” The session in the city has its own beauty but is also great to receive the pictures in high definition, edited with care and delivered to your home professionally, so that you can cherish this beautiful day, as a symbol of your love, the rest of your life. It’s always good to remind yourself how special you are for each other. Love is to be open and to fully accept the here and now. 

My favorite time to work is at the sunset! 

Elopement Photographer Amsterdam |Pre wedding

To choose to see the beauty in the eyes of your partner. As a photographer I always see your beauty, especially in such a wonderful city as Amsterdam! You may contact me for a session through this website or call me at +31 6 42 34 08 20 or send me an email to libiaphotography@gmail.com

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Elopement Photographer Amsterdam |Pre wedding