27 March 2018

Keukenhof Photographer Amsterdam

Keukenhof Photographer Amsterdam

The first time that I saw the tulips fields was just a moment that I can’t describe! So many beautiful tulips and so many beautiful colours! I felt I was on an ocean of flowers, in some way the nature brings these amazing tulips to life and we are in this world to enjoy them, the best season is between April and May, so this beauty will not be here for a long period.

If you come to Amsterdam between this period, you can’t miss this amazing opportunity to visit the Keukenhof park and tulip fields!  2018 theme will be an amazing: “Romance in Flowers”. The most beautiful spring park in the world with its sea of flowers will turn you in a romantic, spring mood.

Springtime is the busiest time of the year so if you would like to have a portrait session at the Keukenhof park, please write to me or call me ASAP to secure your spot. In all the session I give an advice about what to wear and what is the best combination of colours for spring sessions! Remember photography pass generations, your kids and you grand kids will enjoy these photos forever!   You can follow me here: Facebook and Instagram

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