How do I run a photography business?

photography-business-amsterdam How do I run a photography business? I started my photography brand in 2015 and since then I am proud to say I helped more than 500 families and couples. Normally I don’t talk about how I run my business, I never gave all this information on my blog but today is different. I do believe that I would like to hear this a few years ago when I started my brand. Maybe you will get inspired or I can give you good or different ideas on what you add or change on the way you do business. I would like to explain a bit about my process: First the preproduction, here I collect all the info about the photoshoot, scout the location, and prepare any extra detail. After this comes the day of the photos, the part I enjoy the most because I get to know my clients. Then back up all the information, culling down and editing the photos. Finally is time to prepare the online gallery for the digital pictures. Then I wait till the clients choose the photos for their album. When I hear back from them I start designing the album and send it to the laboratory. Finally, I check everything is perfect and then I send it to the client’s address. All this process from day 1 to the final product can take 2 months… Who would think this, right? Album-Libia-Arteaga-Photography-Amsterdam But it exists another process that is the one that no one sees, how to get the right client, how to manage to be out of the crowd, how to help your business to be visible, how you connect in taste and style with the client how to market to the right audience, how can I do all this task working full time with photography! Then, how do I run a photography business? Not let’s focus in the other side

Here comes the advice I wish I knew before

My biggest advice is: invest at least one time in your life in someone that can help you with your business strategy. You will have the freedom to just work with your pictures and book clients without being worried about how to get the next client! I work with Studio Dátiles, an agency focused on Personal Branding and sustainable companies from Amsterdam. When I started working with them l realized how much I’ve been doing in the past years by myself. I was ready to grow and choosing a digital marketing strategist was the best step. I knew I needed a boost for my online communication but I didn’t know how to start. How do I run a photography business?
The journey with the agency started with a thoughtful analysis of Libia Arteaga Photography, also the mission, vision, and values of my brand. Together, we described every corner of my brand. Why do my clients decide that I am the best photographer for them? This process reassured me why I chose this path 6 years ago. I love what I do, and I feel that all my values are visible to my clients. How do I run a photography business? After all the information is the moment to conceptualize and design the new communication plan. Some parts that I needed help with were:
  • Why/How/What
  • Yearly/monthly goal
  • Improve copywriting through knowing the keywords
  • Calendar for the content for different platforms
  • Branding Design – color palette, logo, and templates for social media, presentations, and guides
Libia-Arteaga-Photography This was spot on, a communication plan, with the actions to implement and understand my business to get higher impact and know how to surf the times. Something tailored for my photography business, right what I need. This is just my experienced but is something that I would pay to knew years ago because it has really value for photographers. As always, I’m behind these words and screen so If you have any questions or you would just leave your thoughts about the enterprise feel free to do.            

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